Microsoft did something right: Outlook for iPhone

I have been frequently underwhelmed with Microsoft of late. I will say, the latest family of Surface devices look promising and the Hololens is amazing. But the recent innovation I’m most excited about from Microsoft is a little app called Outlook for iPhone.  Wow, I feel so old.

Now – if you’re like me, you’ve been in digital orgs a while and are accustomed to using Exchange as a corporate email system. If you’re like me, you’ve also wondered why it can’t be as good as Gmail (that’s another story). If, like me, you are chained to your email away from work and need it to work flawlessly on mobile, Outlook for iPhone will make your day (and weekend).

I will keep this simple. There are really four things I dig the most:

1) The “Focused” inbox: the Outlook app will place email that is from your corporate domain into a “Focused” inbox (there is also an “Other”). At a glance you will see the most important emails, and you can move items from “Other” into “Focused” and if you want, create a rule as you move it so that email from that sender will always land there in the future.

2) Calendar ALWAYS synchs: enough said. It doesn’t always synch on the iPhone Calendar app.  It needs to.  This is very, very important stuff.

3) Thread management: email conversations are handled as threads, with the logic I expect (again, better than the iPhone Mail app).

4) Attachment management is intuitive and spot-on.

This may not be the most interesting post you’ve ever read, but you’ll be glad you read it. Trust me.


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